The Rearview Mirror Shows You More

Hi. I am, by name, Shelby Smith Larsen, I’m not anyone famous. I am not an achiever, or someone with lofty credentials.  I’ve just managed to make it past the “three score and ten” mark. So now my view is mostly through the rearview mirror, though I think I am capable of seeing, and accepting, that change is inevitable.  I have, over the years, been a daughter, a wife, a stay at home mother, a working mother, a grandmother, an attorney, now retired,  and an ordained Presbyterian minister, currently also retired. In other words, I’ve pretty much been through being female over the last seventy years.

My favorite pastimes: reading and writing. I’m told that with age comes the ability to speak one’s mind.  I am not sure that’s true. But I guess we are going to find out, because I do have a mind. With opinions. On a lot of things. (Just check the tabs).  So I am going to speak my  mind. Buckle your seat belts.

Current Blog

How I Learned I Had White Privilege

It was around 1989 0r 1990. Our daughter was in youth sports–a swim club. I was at a parent’s board meeting. We were working on logistics for an upcoming club swim meet. If you don’t have a club swimmer, you may not realize that these meets run from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. Those areā€¦


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