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Lent: Why?

Okay, as you can see from yesterday’s post, I’ve had Psalm 46 in my head, lately. The beginning of the verse is “Be Still”. I thought about “being still, and realized I wasn’t. Still.And thought I should be. So I set a goal to try, every day, for a sense of stillness.  What I think is now being labelled “mindfulness”. Taking the time out of the chaos that envelops us to simply know that God is God.  I had trouble sitting down and forcing myself to this blog today. So much to do. I’d already taken a time out for lunch with a friend–two hours lost!  I need to figure out why I feel I have to do this? No one else is going to care about my navel gazing.  What and why is “knowing God”? A mystical experience, maybe? Becoming a “better person”? I don’t want to do it as a personal self improvement exercise, though my self can always use some improvement.  Is there any significance to feeling the need to do this at this particular time?
Something perhaps to think about. If I can take the time.


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